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What Kinds of Prefab Homes Can You Buy?

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Because prefab house refers to the process of construction, not a single style, there are many types of prefab housesManufactured homes—sometimes called mobile houses—are constructed completely off-site before delivery; they are the homes you see traveling down the highway on a double-wide trailer. No construction happens on the site, and the quality tends to be lower than other types of homes, so most prefab companies are quick to distinguish themselves from the mobile home world.

Modular houses, however, involve making components off-site and then transfering the modules to a plot of land for final installation. Each module usually has all the basics, like plumbing, electrical, doors, and closets—and you can usually connect multiple modules to form a larger house.There are also—stay with us here—panelized homes and kit homes. Panelized homes are made from (you guessed it) whole panels or walls that are then transferred to the build site. They require more interior finishing work, so the on-site build time is longer. Kit homes can come in any shape or size and are like an elaborate Ikea bookshelf; pieces are made and cut in a factory and then shipped with instructions to a build site for construction.And just to make things really complicated, some manufacturers will combine the above categories. A prefab manufacturer might blend modules with panelized walls to create a specific design, for example.

Whether you choose a modular prefab home or a kit house, they can range in size and architectural styles. 


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