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Some New Products are Coming

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Eastland Building Materials Co.Ltd has been estabilshed for twelve years, specializing in Eastland Building materials from the year 2008. Eastland building materials have been exported to a lot of countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam, Laos, Norway, Russia etc with good reputation. We have several Products including Eastland AAC Panel, Eastland Fiber Cement Cladding, Eastland Prefabricated House, Eastland EPS Cornice and Eastland Landscaping. Now we have add some new products, such as Eastland Wall Lining, Eastland metal roof, Eastland asphalt shingle, Eastland SPC floor, and so on. Now I will Introduce them to you.

Eastland Wall Lining:

There are two types of wall lining for you to choose, one is Eastland Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)board, another is Eastland Calcium Silicate Board. They are both used as decorative internal wall.

Eastland Calcium Silicate Board is a new type of high-strength decorative board, made of silicon sand, calcium silicate, tobermorite crystal, reinforced fiber, through balanced composite, printed color digital, strengthened by ceramic powder after high temperature and high pressure. It is widely used in various types of decoration style and design requirement such as schools, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, hotels etc. It is characterized with fireproof, waterproof, heat insulation, high-strength, durable, environmental friendly, seismic resistance, light-weight etc. It is the top grade decoration internal wall panel with functionally and decoration performance.

Eastland Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)Board is a new generation of wallpaper and coating products, which has been a trend around the world. The base material is made of PVC resin and wood fiber by extrusion at high temperature and high pressure, and then the polymer film is one-time hot pressed on the base material by advanced production process. Polymer film can be made into wood grain, stone grain, wallpaper and other series, with rich and colorful color grain, but also has a strong sense of three-dimensional, concave and convex surface. Eastland WPC board is characterized by waterproof, fireproof, mouleproof, temit proof, non-defrmation, wear resistance etc. Eastland WPC board is widely used in Interior decoration for commercial and residential places.

Eastland Roof Tile:

Eastland Asphalt Shingle Tile is a high-quality roof materials. We own all kinds of shapes, such as 3-Tab, Laminated, Hexagon Mosaic, Gothic, Fish Scale, Wave etc. As for the color, Eastland can Provide any color you want. Eastland owns a high-tech construction material corporation with technical research, production and marketing of fiberglass asphalt shingle. Our products' quality is the best in China and the annuel output value is more than $10,000,000.

Eastland Stone Coated Steel Roof Tile is a new type of roof tile, which is consist of acrylic glazing layer, colorful stone layer, acrylic adhesive bonding layer, protection layer, aluminum zinc layer, steel grassroots, aluminum zinc layer. Eastland provide a variety of green and lightweight stone chip coated steel roof tile with a variety of colors and well designs, which is characterizes with strong, durable, environmental friendly, high-quality,fireproof, waterproof, hail-resistance, wind-proof, anti-seismic etc.It is widely used around the world.

Eastland SPC Floor:

Eastland SPC Floor is a common material used as floor. It is generally composed of a composite of four layers of materials, namely a wear layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer, and a balanced(moisture-proof) layer. It is widely used in Residential & Commercial place, which is characterized with Eco-friendly, beautiful appearance, impact-resistance, fade resistance, waterproof etc.

So, you can choose any materials you need here, and you can also enjoy our one-stop service.

Welcome to contact us to know more about these products.


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