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Safety of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

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The light steel keel is a new type of building material. EASTLAND light steel prefabricated house does not only surpasses the traditional building in technology but also has a longer service life. With the development of China's modernization, a light steel keel is widely used in small wooden houses, public toilets, sentry kiosks, parks, containers, mobile wooden houses, large railway stations, schools, offices, mountain villages, accommodation, and luxury villas.

Safety of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

1. Earthquake

The earthquake itself does not hurt people. It is the collapse of buildings without earthquake resistance caused by a fatal earthquake, which causes serious losses to the nation and society. In the face of frequent earthquakes in recent years, China attaches great importance to building reformation, and the traditional brick houses are no longer promoted nationwide. The prefabricated steel structure buildings that can resist the violent earthquake happened in Wenchuan (it has been proved by practice and many anti-seismic experiments of Tsinghua University Research Institute) have gradually replaced the traditional houses.

The horror of the earthquake lies in the failure to do a good job in earthquake prevention of buildings so that it causes heavy casualties. Japan is in a long-term earthquake area, but there is no significant casualties and economic losses caused by earthquakes. The important reason is the use of prefabricated seismic houses.

EASTLAND prefab house

2. Typhoon

Typhoon is a huge energy storage and its wind speed is quite fast. The traditional houses will bear 2.5 tons of wind pressure per square meter under a typhoon with a speed of 100 meters / second, which will cause serious damage and collapse of the rigid structure houses. Pre-engineered steel buildings adopt advanced double-sided galvanized light steel as the main body and form a light steel system with OSB plates. The steel house is firm, light steel main body is rustproof and mothproof, and there are special chemical anchor bolts, expansion screws, etc. to connect the house into a whole and closely connected with the foundation, which can resist the hurricane of grade 13. Prefabricated steel buildings have been built in many places along the sea where the typhoon is frequently generated.

3. Geological Disaster

In the geological disaster area, the local subsidence of the foundation caused by the heavyweight of the brick concrete houses results in the collapse of the houses. However, the deadweight of prefabricated steel structure is only one-fourth of the weight of brick concrete structure houses, and one-sixth of the weight of the reinforced concrete houses, thus greatly reducing the cost of the foundation and solving the problem of the local subsidence and collapse of the foundations and houses.

4. Cracks

Cracks often occur in brick concrete buildings. The time and labor costs of repair and rework affect the living. A steel frame residential homes are composed of more than 10000 components. Its component performance is stable, accuracy is high, the overall structure is complete, and flexibly connected, which will not be easy to crack. Unlike the red brick house which is rigidly connected, it is easy to crack if any natural accident occurs.


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