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Introduction of Prefabricated House

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A prefabricated house is a modern solution to building yourself an energy efficient house fast and with high quality.

A prefabricated house is one of the most common types of residential buildings / houses and has proven itself over

 the years with its durability and sustainability.

The elements are manufactured using best solutions that haven proven themselves in practice. The prefab house elements are manufactured in the factory, where the indoor conditions guarantee the correct and high quality assembly of the constructions.

Many different architectural buildings can be built a prefab houses – whether they be single-storey small residential houses or large apartment houses. Homes should represent a sense of the owner’s personality. With combining a well-planned functional floor plan with your personal style and our time-tested construction methods we can offer a house as unique as the people who make it a home.

You can discuss your ideas and wishes for your future prefab house with the EASTLAND skilled Engineering & Design team  and our experienced engineers and architects will create a house project according to your exact wishes.

1、Constant, controlled and documented quality

The quality of a prefabricated house is ensured by the pre-manufacturing of elements in modern factory conditions. The modern factory conditions allow to achieve precision of construction and preservation of the quality of the materials because the details are assembled in dry conditions. Furthermore, building the elements in modern factory conditions enables to perform quality controls in different stages of assembly, ensuring the high quality of the future building.

2、The building of constructions is much faster and cost-effective

The prefabricated house building process is quick thanks to the fact that all the elements are pre-manufactured in the factory and are installed as ready-made details. Assembling the elements on the construction site to form a complete and whole house takes only a few days. As a result it is possible to avoid the negative effects that weather conditions can have on construction materials and also save on expenses made on construction materials and workforce. In addition, because the house AAC panels are pre-manufactured in a modern factory, it is possible to build prefab houses all year round.

3、Energy saving solutions

A prefabricated house is energy efficient and thermal resistant thanks to the fact that insulation is installed by correctly following quality control. Furthermore, wood – the construction material that makes up most of the panel construction – has low thermal conductivity. The thermal resistance of a prefab house complies fully with the Northern climatic conditions.

4、The house will be completed in time, regardless of the season or weather conditions

5、Fast and efficient installation of elements

Building is cost-effective, because it enables the customer to save on expenses made on workforce and also construction materials. This is made possible by pre-manufacturing elements in a modern factory and a quick on-site installation of these elements.

6、Wide range of architectural solutions

Prefabricated houses allow for a wide range of architectural solutions, including a large variety of different building models. According to the needs of the family, there are many different house types to choose from. You don’t have to settle for a standard model – when working with us it is possible to produce a prefab house according to a special project. Also, it is possible to add many different architectural features to the house, for example carport, terraces, decorative feature for windows etc.


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