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Fiber-Cement Siding: Something You Need to Know

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Picking the right siding for your house is a delicate balancing act between good looks, durability, maintenance, and affordability. With wood, vinyl, stone, brick, or stucco, you might get only two or three of these. But with fiber cement siding, a resilient mix of wood pulp and portland cement, you get all four.

Why Use Fiber Cement Siding?

It’s the only type of siding that combines the performance of masonry—minimal upkeep; rot-, fire-, and termite-proof; unaffected by wind or cold—with the look of painted wood clapboards, shingles, even stone or brick. Yet fiber cement goes for just a fraction of the cost of these other materials. No wonder nearly 15 percent of new homes—and many TOH TV projects—are clad with the stuff.

All this has happened in just 25 years since fiber cement, which is a kind of concrete siding, was first introduced. Now architects regularly specify the siding because it holds down costs without compromising aesthetics. It's even accepted for use in some historic districts.

What Is Fiber Cement Made of?

The basic recipe has just four ingredients.

  1. Water: Dissolves the wood pulp; activates and hardens the cement.

  2. Wood pulp: Improves flexibility and resilience.

  3. Fly ash: Acts as a filler. (Some makers use silica sand instead.)

  4. Portland cement: Binds the ingredients. Made with limestone, clay, and iron.

How long does it last?

Warranties against defects range from 25 years to limited lifetime. Factory finishes carry a 15-year warranty against flaking and fading.

How much maintenance?

As with wood siding, spray it with a garden hose every 6 to 12 months; inspect caulked joints every few years, and be sure to keep foundation plants pruned back so that siding can dry out.

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