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EASTLAND Prefabricated House is Gradually Being Recognized

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Abroad, Chinese prefabricated house can be seen everywhere. The advantage of integrated house is its low cost and environmental protection, which is only 1%-10% of the housing of the same area. It takes ten months or even more than a year to build an ordinary residential house. But it takes only one day or two days to build such a integrated house. Foreign integrated house includes commercial office buildings, shops, industrial factories, sanatoriums, tourist villas, hotels, restaurants, civil houses, etc. The fascinating homes are gradually being recognized. Many people have seen their advantage. Rapid promotion of integrated house has become a highlight and revolution of new materials in the construction field in this century.

With the fast growing of manufacturing industry, EASTLAND light steel structure is very much in demand. The unique advantages are high strength, capable of large span, environmental, seismic resistance etc. Its common applications are factory, warehouses, office etc.the service life of steel structure buildings can reach several hundred or even thousands of years.

The specific advantages of the steel structure building:

  1. The steel structure building has good structural performance, light weight, high strength and good seismic performance;

  2. All steel in the steel building can be recycled and reused, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the concrete structure;

  3. Processing in the factory, the quality of the steel structure building is more guaranteed;

  4. The steel structure building has its own light weight and the basic construction cost is relatively low;

  5. When the construction is carried out on site, the overall construction period is shorter than that of the concrete building;

  6. There is basically no wet operation in the construction site, and there is no environmental pollution such as dust and sewage.

  7. The steel structure building has a small cross section, the support column is relatively thin, and the wall surface is also thin, but the overall usable area of the building is large.


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