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Comfortability of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

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EASTLAND prefabricated house has many advantages ,so it is worth your first choose.

1. Anti-moisture Permeability

Due to a large amount of water sprinkled into the building during the construction process, the brick concrete house will condense into water tide in the next 40 years according to the external air humidity. It is very harmful to people's health during the long-term residence, and it will cause serious diseases like the cold. EASTLAND Prefabricated homes are all dry construction without water, and a layer of moisture-proof breathing layer is specially equipped. According to water molecular size, the large water drops will be blocked outside the wall, and the indoor water vapor will be penetrated.

Eastland prefabricated house

2. Sound Insulation

The national standard house sound insulation requirement is 40 decibels, but most of the traditional houses fail to meet this sound insulation standard, which seriously affects the quality of life. The wall system of light steel frame residential homes includes light steel keel, rock wool board, etc. The sound is transmitted by a medium. There is only one medium for red brick, but there are 5-6 layers of medium for the pre-engineered structure's wall. In the process of transmitting the sound, the sound is attenuated one layer by one through a variety of different media, and the unique thermal insulation and sound insulation slurry of the wall has a good sound absorption effect, to achieve sound insulation of more than 60 decibels, which is equivalent to stacking of 1 meter of a red brick wall. With the good sound insulation effect, you can enjoy the high quality of living easily.

3. Thermal Insulation

The poor heat insulation effect of brick concrete building materials makes it cold in winter and hot in summer. Most of the roofs need to be insulated by adding half a layer, which not only is not waterproof for a long time but also increases the construction cost. The composite wall of EASTLAND prefabricated steel buildings has obvious heat preservation and insulation function, avoiding the phenomenon of the "cold bridge" of the wall. The combined wall of 15cm is equivalent to the heat preservation and insulation effect of the 1.2m brick wall. Besides, because the wall material is composed of 5-6 layers, in the process of heat transfer, heat is consumed layer by layer, which has the effect of heat insulation.

Construction Time

The traditional house construction time is long, and cannot be constructed in rain, snow, and frost. A house needs construction for more than one year. The construction process of EASTLAND prefabricated steel structure adopts dry operation construction. After component prefabrication in the factory, it only needs to be installed on-site, which is not affected by the environment and seasons. It can be built all year round.

Shape And Utilization Area

The traditional building is built with cement, which is difficult to form and hard to achieve the desired construction effect. The traditional houses have 24cm red brick walls, and its usable area can only account for 70% to 80% of the building area. From design to production, construction, and after-sales service, the EASTLAND pre-engineered houses can be flexibly assembled, which provides the possibility for the realization of various styles of architectural modeling and fully displays diverse architectural appearances. 

Environmental Protection And Demolition

A lot of water resources are needed in the construction of brick concrete houses. Noise and dust pollution is produced in the construction. Construction in the road affects people's travel and life. After the house demolition, the construction waste makes the land barren. It's difficult to demolish traditional rick concrete houses. Many large vehicles can't enter the construction site. EASTLAND prefabricated steel buildings' components are all produced by the factory, and more than 90% of the main materials can be recycled and rebuilt. 70% of the house waste materials in the United States can be recycled. Steel frame residential homes construction site adopts pre-assembly, dry operation, no dust and large construction waste, unified construction image, unified management, and civilized construction.

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